- Design and Development of

- Omegabot: Inchworm inspired

- Large deformable morphing

- Wearable robotic hand
- Hands on surgical robot:
   Shared control system
- Situation Understanding for
   Smart Devices

- Wireless Camera Sensor
   Networks Technology

- Mobile Sensor Networks:
   Algorithms and Applications
- Whole-Body Control Framework
    for Humanoid Robot

- Walking Pattern Generation for
   Humanoid Robot

- Robot Hand Control
- Quadruped Robot Control with
   Whole-Body Control Framework

- Human Gait Analysis using
   3D Motion Capture
- Coordination of multiple robots
- Flocking and consensus
- Vision-based guidance and

- Online collision avoidance for
   mobile robots

- Wireless sensor network
- Aerial Manipulation
- Haptics/VR
- Autonomous Mobility
- Telerobotics
- Mechanics/Control
- Industrial Control
- Mobile Manipulation
- Simultaneous Visual and
   Inertia Calibration

- Mechanics of Closed Chains
- Motion Optimization via
   Nonlinear Dimension

- Probabilistic Optimal Planning
   Algorithm for Minimum
   upstream Motions

- Automated Plug-In Recharging
   System for Hybrid Electric
Simultaneous Visual and Inertia Calibration

To combine the camera and inertial measurement unit (IMU) in a system, the unknown relative transformation calibration parameters) between the camera and IMU coordinates frames should be determined beforehand. Since these extrinsic parameters between the camera and IMU exert a strong influence on the degree of accuracy, the optimal estimation of these parameters is a significant process for a precise sensor fusion in practical implementation.

We studies a geometric optimal solution to AX = ZB on the special orthogonal group, given a set of noisy measurements for A and B.

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