- Design and Development of

- Omegabot: Inchworm inspired

- Large deformable morphing

- Wearable robotic hand
- Hands on surgical robot:
   Shared control system
- Situation Understanding for
   Smart Devices

- Wireless Camera Sensor
   Networks Technology

- Mobile Sensor Networks:
   Algorithms and Applications
- Whole-Body Control Framework
    for Humanoid Robot

- Walking Pattern Generation for
   Humanoid Robot

- Robot Hand Control
- Quadruped Robot Control with
   Whole-Body Control Framework

- Human Gait Analysis using
   3D Motion Capture
- Coordination of multiple robots
- Flocking and consensus
- Vision-based guidance and

- Online collision avoidance for
   mobile robots

- Wireless sensor network
- Aerial Manipulation
- Haptics/VR
- Autonomous Mobility
- Telerobotics
- Mechanics/Control
- Industrial Control
- Mobile Manipulation
- Simultaneous Visual and
   Inertia Calibration

- Mechanics of Closed Chains
- Motion Optimization via
   Nonlinear Dimension

- Probabilistic Optimal Planning
   Algorithm for Minimum
   upstream Motions

- Automated Plug-In Recharging
   System for Hybrid Electric
Large deformable morphing structure:Flytrap-inspired robot

The Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is an insectivorous plant which shows one of the fastest motions in the plant world. Its special characteristic is explained in mechanical structural point of view [Mahadevan, Nature, 2005]. In post-stimulation mechanical aspects of the Venus flytrap closure, the plant has snap-buckling instability in a doubly-curved leaf. We focused on the snap-buckling instability in doubly-curved leaf which is similar with bi-stable unsymmetrically laminated carbon fiber reinforced prepreg (CFRP). The bi-stable CFRP structure also has doubly-curved configuration and the bi-stability results from mismatch of thermo-mechanical expansion in the structure. By using the bi-stable CFRP structure as a leaf of flytrap and shape memory alloy (SMA) coil spring as an actuator, we built a flytrap robot which can snap in about 100ms like closure time of flytrap. This fast capturing robot and its technology can be applied to a fast morphing structure or smart structure which has embedded actuator.

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