[PAST] Some old and new algorithms for robot motion planning
[PAST] Some old and new algorithms for robot motion planning [1]
2012 / 10 / 16 , PM 4:00
Location: Building 301, 1512-2
Speaker: Dr. Quang-Cuong Pham
*Abstract :
In this talk, I will discuss some new algorithms or new applications of
old algorithms for robot motion planning. In the first part, I will look
back on a very nice algorithm for time-optimal motion planning
under dynamics constraints (such as torque limits), which
was first developped in the 80's and beginning of the
90's but which has not, since then, received the full attention it
should deserve. I will then present some new applications of this
algorithm, including trajectory smoothing using time-optimal shortcuts
or time-optimal motion planning for humanoid robots under ZMP constraints.
In the second part, I will talk about a new trajectory deformation
algorithm based on affine geometry. This method allows to naturally
preserve some characteristic features of the original trajectory, such
as trajectory smoothness, periodicity, or affine velocity (which are all
of particular importance in industrial and/or human-centered robot
applications), while being at the same time very fast and versatile.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Quang-Cuoc Pham graduated from the
Departments of Computer Science and Cognitive Sciences of
E'cole Normale Supe'rieure, Paris, in 2007. Dr. Pham obtained a PhD
in Neuroscience from Universite' Paris VI and Colle`ge de France in 2009
under the guidance of Professor A. Berthoz. He is currently a
postdoctoral fellow of the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science
(JSPS), working with Professor Y. Nakamura at the University of Tokyo.
His main current research topics include the modeling of the human
musculo-skeletal system and motion planning for humanoid robots and
industrial manipulators. More information is available at, 02-880-7149