[PAST] Autonomous Robotics in Australia: Lessons Learnt
[PAST] Autonomous Robotics in Australia: Lessons Learnt [373]
2015 / 05 / 15 / AM 11:00
Location: 301 - 1420
Speaker: Dr. Jon Kim
Dr. Jon Kim is a senior lecturer at the Australian National University in Canberra. His research interests are in estimation & control, and optimization with applications in the aerospace, mining and forestry industries. He has obtained his PhD in Field Robotics at the University of Sydney in 2004, pioneering the area of aerial SLAM and is the recipient of the prestigious Charles Sharpe Beecher Award from IMechE/UK 2005. He is currently a Program co-chair of ACRA 2015 (Australasian Conference in Robotics and Automation) and has served as secretary of ARAA (Australian Robotics and Automation Association).


Autonomous robotics technology has significant economic potential to Australian industry ranging from automated mine to environmental monitoring. This talk will, first, share the lessons learnt from several industrial projects that the speaker has been involved in: Port Patrick stevedoring automation, BAE Systems multi-UAVs, and DSTO land vehicle projects. The main part of the presentation will give a brief overview of recent results on tightly-integrated aerial SLAM (simultaneous localisation and localisation) and the new development of highly flexible non-parametric mapping framework, called GPmap, which is currently being used to reconstruct and monitor ANU solar dishes. If time permits, it will then discuss potential collaboration areas.