[PAST] Grasping and Assembling with Modular Robots
[PAST] Grasping and Assembling with Modular Robots [350]
2015 / 01 / 15 / AM 11:00
Location: 301-1420
Speaker: Dr. Jungwon Seo
In this talk, I will present my research on robotic grasping and
assembly: how to enable robots to grasp objects and assemble target
structures autonomously. They are fundamental problems in robotic
manipulation where we have robots rearrange our environment; there
is a wide range of applications such as manufacturing, disaster
response, space exploration, and assisted living. Modular robot
platforms can facilitate the problems with versatility and robustness.
In the first part, I will discuss grasping/fixturing objects with
customized effectors and implementing the ideas with modular arm
links and end-effectors. In the second part, I will focus on assembly
planning for target structures of various brick wall patterns with
congruent, rectangular robots, which is a part of collective efforts
for realizing a swarm of autonomous boats in the Modular Robotics Lab
at the University of Pennsylvania.

Jungwon Seo is a postdoctoral researcher working in the GRASP Laboratory
at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). He holds a PhD degree in
mechanical engineering from Penn. His research interests include robotic
grasping/manipulation and robotic self-assembly/reconfiguration; he has
been investigating theoretical and practical issues relating to the design
of software and hardware for addressing the problems. He received the B.S.
degree from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Seoul
National University and worked as an automotive engineer at Hyundai Motor
Company before studying at Penn.