[PAST] Colloquium on Biomimetic Mechanical Systems
[PAST] Colloquium on Biomimetic Mechanical Systems [38]
2014 / 07 / 11
Location: 301 - 105
Speaker: CBMS
Invitation Center for Biomimetic Mechanical Systems was established in November 2007 at the Institute of Advanced Machinery and Design, SNU, with the support from Korean Government (National Research Foundation of Korea). With the goal of overcoming the current barriers faced by modern mechanical technologies via biologically inspired approaches, the Center aims to understand mechanical structures and functions of natural systems, to fabricate novel biomimetic sensors and actuators, and to develop innovative technologies of fabrication and materials processing. An important step in achieving these goals is to share the ever-evolving knowledge in the fields of biologically inspired sciences and engineering. Therefore, the Center is hosting a summer colloquium under a specific topic that varies each year. I invite you to participate in this year's summer colloquium with the internationally renowned researchers, organized under the general theme of Bio-inspired robotics. This full-day series of talks will provide the most updated research trends in the field. The Center sincerely thanks Seoul National University, Biomimetic Robot Research Center, and NRF for providing us with the financial support to make this event possible.

Professor Yoon-Young Kim
Director of IAMD, SNU

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