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Jongwon Kim
Robust Design Engineering Laboratory
Jongwon Kim | 김종원
Biorobotics Laboratory
Kyujin Cho | 조규진
Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory
Songhwai Oh | 오성회
Dynamic Robotic Systems Laboratory
Jaeheung Park | 박재흥
Intelligent Control Systems Laboratory
Hyounjin Kim | 김현진
Interactive & Networked
Robotics Laboratory

Dongjun Lee | 이동준
Robotics Laboratory
Frank C. Park | 박종우
Soft Robotics & Bionics Laboratory
Yong-Lae Park | 박용래
[Positions] PhD/Lab Manager Positions available at Robotics and Biology Laboratory, TUB

1. PhD Position 1 (reference ID: SCIOI-274/20)
To maximize progress towards solving a task, a robot must choose and execute its actions wisely. Many factors influence which choice of an action is the most appropriate one in a given situation. The factors include the physical abilities of the robot, the computational requirements of the task, the physical structure of the environment, and past experiences in similar situations. Given the complexity of these factors, the learning problem is too complex to be solved for a robotic platform operating in the real world, where the acquisition of data is costly and possibly dangerous to the robot. In this project, we will develop novel deep and hybrid learning methods to enable robust and sample-efficient learning in these settings. To achieve this goal, we will propose and test learning methods that incorporate various forms of priors and biases, ranging from past experiences to dynamic simulations, and from human strategies identified in cognitive psychology to robotic and algorithmic priors. These algorithms will be validated on real-world robotic systems. This position is part of the research center and doctoral program of Science of Intelligence ( There is funding for at least three years.

2. PhD Position 2 (reference ID: IV-301/20)
This position is open for excellent applicants from all the areas of robotics research currently investigated in the lab: interactive perception, soft manipulation, soft hands, sensitization of soft hands, manipulation planning, deep learning, research at the boundary of robotics and psychology/behavioral biology.

3. Lab Manager Position (reference ID: IV-LabM)
Responsibilities: Cooperation in an international team of researchers; conception, construction, implementation and evaluation of experiments with research robots; planning, purchasing, installation, and maintenance of research infrastructure; design and production of 3D-printed parts; development of mechatronic systems; design of printed circuit boards; maintenance of a computing cluster
Required skills: Abilities and experience in accordance with the responsibilities above, the use and development of mechatronic systems (robotics, electronics, mechanics); very good programming skills in C++, Java, Python, PHP; good knowledge of Linux, Windows, CMS-systems, and CAD software; knowledge in software engineering desirable; very good spoken and written English is required

If you are interested:
Please email your application as a single PDF file to, specifying the reference ID in the subject line. IN the PDF file, please include a cover letter explaining your motivation and relevant qualifications, CV, selected publications and/or MS thesis, references, transcripts, and degree certificates.

[Positions] Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor available at HKUST, Guangzhou

 A professor/associate professor/assistant professor available at HKUST, Guangzhou (Link).(Job ID: 5094)

The intended areas of focus in the GZ Campus will be thematic and cross-disciplinary in nature, synergistic with HKUST without overlapping academic degrees or structures. 4 Academic Hubs with 16 Thrust Areas are being planned:

Function Hub:
1. Sustainability & Energy Technology
2. Atmosphere & Ocean Engineering
3. Advanced Materials
4. Microelectronics & Sensor Technology

Information Hub:
5. Digital Media & Arts
6. Future Communication Networks
7. Data Science & Analytics
8. Artificial Intelligence

System Hub:
9. Smart Manufacturing
10. Smart Transportation
11. Biomedicine & Bio-medical Engineering
12. Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Society Hub:
13. Financial Technology
14. Urban Governance & Design
15. Innovation, Policy & Entrepreneurship
16. MBA+

Application Procedure
Applications/Nominations should be sent to together with (i) full CV; (ii) a statement of research, teaching, and service; (iii) five most representative publications all in PDF formats; (iv) record of teaching performance, if any; and (v) the names and contact information of three referees. It is optional for the applicants to include two to three reference letters in their applications. Review of applications will commence in January 2020 and will continue until the positions are filled.

[Book] "Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control" by Kevin M. Lynch and Frank C. Park

 Our most recent version of the robotics textbook "Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control," by Kevin M. Lynch and Frank C. Park, is now available at this link. The first half of this book is based on the lecture notes for the edX course(Part I, Part II). The current pdf version is available online for free and should be considered a "beta" version. A final update will come before the end of November, 2016.


Functional Mobility Rehabilitation with a Cable-actuated Pelvic Assist Robot
Prof. Jiyeon Kang
2020 / 01 / 08 AM 11:00, 301 - 1420
[PAST] Exploiting Deep Nets for Better Gaze Estimates and Gaze Estimates for Better Deep Nets
Prof. Bert Shi
2019 / 10 / 24 PM 2:00, 301 - 1420
[PAST] Enabling High Energy Lithium Batteries through the use of a Li7La3Zr2O12 Solid Electrolyte
Dr. Jeff Wolfenstine
2019 / 03 / 25 PM 4:00, 301 - 1420
[PAST] Charismatic Robots
Dr. Heather Knight
2019 / 03 / 11 AM 11:00, 301 - 1420
[PAST] Structured Prediction for Sensorimotor Control
Patrick Wensing
2019 / 01 / 11 AM 11:00, 301 - 1420
[PAST] Research Activities in Robotics, Machine Learning and Industry 4.0 at Aalborg University, Denmark
Prof. Simon Bøgh, Dr. Dimitris Chrysostomou, Dr. Casper Schou, and Dr. Chen Li
2018 / 10 / 11 PM 4:30, 301 - 1420
[PAST] Robotic Problems RISE from Friction: Research Activities in Robotics & Intelligent System Engineering
Prof. Hyungpil Moon
2018 / 09 / 19 PM 5:00, 301 - 1420 , 02-880-7149