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Biorobotics Laboratory
Kyujin Cho | 조규진
Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory
Songhwai Oh | 오성회
Dynamic Robotic Systems Laboratory
Jaeheung Park | 박재흥
Intelligent Control Systems Laboratory
Hyounjin Kim | 김현진
Interactive & Networked
Robotics Laboratory

Dongjun Lee | 이동준
Robotics Laboratory
Frank C. Park | 박종우
[Job Announcement] Open position for Postdoc / Visiting Scholar at the Reconfigurable Robotics Lab
   The Reconfigurable Robotics Lab (RRL) at Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne (Swiss Institute of Technology, EPFL) has open positions for a Postdoc and/or visiting scholar. At the Reconfigurable Robotics Lab, we focus on... more
[Job Announcement] Multiple Job Opening in Wearable Robotics at Harvard Biodesign Lab
   The Harvard Biodesign Lab at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard University invites applications for immediate openings in the areas of... more
   • Real-Time Navigation in Crowded Dynamic Environments Using Gaussian Process Motion Control by Sungjoon Choi, Eunwoo Kim, and Songhwai Oh (to be presented at ICRA 2014)
• Robust Action Recognition Using Local Motion and Group Sparsity by Jungchan Cho, Minsik Lee, Hyung Jin Chang, and Songhwai Oh (to appear in Pattern Recognition, 2014)
[Award] Best Video Presentation Award, URAI 2013.
   Changsu Ha and Dongjun Lee has won the Best Video Presentation Award at the 2013 URAI (International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence) for their work "Preliminary Results of Vision-Based Teleoperation of an UAV and UGVs Team"
[Award] Best Poster Award 1st prize, ISNIT 2013.
   Gwang-Pil Jung and Kyu-Jin Cho were awarded the Best Poster Award at the 2013 International Symposium on Nature-inspired Technology (ISNIT) for their work "Biologically Inspired Adaptive Gripper using Flexural Buckling."
[Article] Robotics in Korea, by Frank C. Park (IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, March 2013)

South Korea is a mostly homogeneous nation with a population of 50 million, situated in a geopolitically sensitive area with ... more

[Article] Build Your Own Quadrotor, by Hyon Lim, Jaemann Park, Daewon Lee, and H.J. Kim (IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, Vol.19 No.3, 2012)
   Recently, there has been increasing interest in quadrotor UAVs. Exciting videos have been published on the Internet by many research groups and have attracted much attention from, ... more
Robot mediated diagnosis of neurological disorders and musculoskeletal diseases/injuries
Sang Hoon Kang
2014 / 03 / 26 / PM 5:00, 301 - 117
[PAST] Multi-Contact Motion Computations for Humanoid Robots
Abderrahmane Kheddar
2014 / 01 / 10 / AM 11:00, 301 - 201
[PAST] Functional Electrical Stimulation for Restoration of Arm Function
Kevin Lynch
2013 / 11 / 01 / PM 3:00, 301 - 1420
[PAST] Model-based Object Pose Estimation and Tracking Using 2D and 3D Visual Information
Changhyun Choi
2013 / 10 / 24 / AM 11:00, 301 - 117
[PAST] Quantitative Characterization of Human Ankle Mechanical Impedance using a Wearable Ankle Robot
Hyunglae Lee
2013 / 10 / 11 / PM 4:00, 301 - 1420
[PAST] A Novel Approach to Robotic Walking Therapy
Jooeun Ahn
2013 / 09 / 17 / PM 4:30, 301 - 1420
[PAST] Wearable Mechatronics for Human-X interactions
I-Ming Chen
2013 / 08 / 30, 301 - 204
wykim@robotics.snu.ac.kr, 02-880-7149